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Development has started with a 'peppercorn' 20 year lease from the Robertson Bowling Club on Lot 8. The committee submitted a Development Application to the Wingecarribee Sire Council on 22nd August 2016, which was approved on the 6th January 2017 - it has taken 18 months to commence a staged construction.

Finally on 26th October 2017 a Stage One Construction Certificate was issued, we are permitted to:

  • Prepare the site

  • Build footings for the building and;

  • Pour the slab for the Pool, Gymnasium and facilities.

The Committee with support from our panel of engineers and planner John Webb are now preparing the Application for Stage 2.

For more info read the Annual Report

Message from the President 28 September 2017

"The RADSPA Committee have spent the last three months in meetings and further submissions to the Planning Dept. of the Council on the following matters;

1.  Resolve Patrons Parking specifics raised by Council having previously been advised that provided we had a registered long term Commercial Lease (20 years) from the Robertson Bowling Club (RBC) specifying "irrevocable access" to Lot 8 and RBC parking DA and development would be permitted.

Now denied we were forced to redesign the floor plan moving the building 2 metres towards the RBC to enable on site parking for 10 vehicles one being on a hard stand for disable parking. So we started again. Council approved.

2.  Once agreed we had RBC permission to seek an Easement over their land to enable a drive in area to the Centre site. This is now with NSW Titles Dept. (LPI) waiting for registration stamping. We are advised by Council that once done we will receive our long awaited Construction Certificate.

Without this certificate we cannot enter into (a) Appointing a Builder (b) ordering Pool equipment (c) advancing our 3 phase power supply (d) connect town water to name but a few of the action we are poised to undertake


In all this time we have been required to have three surveyor assessments, water flow, drainage and utilise legal advice and processes by our lawyers Haille Payne and the RBC legal firm Wilkinson Throsby and Edwards. All of these professionals have in most cases treated RADSPA as a pro bono opportunity


The Committee is anxious to commence developing the sight. Initial clearing and securing the site have been undertaking. Contractors have been kept up to date with the delays and are still committed to the project.

Our grant providers have received weekly or better reports and share our frustration at the delays.

One positive from this lengthy undertaking (13 months) is we will have a "First Class" Aquatic Centre with certified credentials.

The Committee have appreciated the support of the Bowling Club, Robertson Garden Club and a number of residents who have and are continuing to offer support.

As always if you would enjoy joining us to bring this much awaited project to its conclusion please do so.


Don Ferguson


0419 445 413


Robertson and District Swimming Pool Assoc Inc (RADSPA)
Meeting commenced at 7:05pm
Chair: President Don Ferguson
The president welcomed members and attendees and thanked them for giving their time to attend.  The retiring Committee were introduced to the meeting.
Attendance: There were 17 attendees
Apology: Sharon Makin, Damien Plain, Bob Turner, Gary Susans, Ken Forshaw and Amanda Louth.
Minutes of AGM full report...
President's Report
The past twelve months have presented many issues and I am pleased to say that your committee have worked through them to ensure an Aquatic Centre is built in Robertson in 2017.
Presidents report in full...
Treasurer's Report
Previously RADSPA's financial year has been recorded as 1 September to 31 August.
After consultation with the Taxation Office, RADSPA's Auditor and review of our constitution, the financial year is now deemed to be from 1 July to 30 June.
Treasurers report in full...
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