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All Annual General and Extraordinary meetings are advertised through media for one month before the meeting date.

Format of Meetings

Only registered financial members are able to vote at meetings.

Meeting Agenda.

  • All interested parties need to sign the Attendance Register.

  • Apologies are called.

  • Minutes of the previous meeting are read.

  • Business arising from those minutes is tabled or moved to discuss in General Business.

  • In the case of The AGM:

  • Presidents Report is given.

  • Financial Report is given.

  • Chair is declared vacant and Election of Office Bearers is undertaken.

  • Listed General Business is tabled and discussed. Please note that Matters to be discussed in General Business are those that have been tabled as part of the Meeting Agenda. Further issues that are raised by anyone present are able to be discussed at the discretion of the Chair.

  • Following the close of General Business the meeting is declared closed.

  • At the AGM provision is made for the general Public to raise issues during a Q&A session. 

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