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Resolutions to be put in the case of no new committee being formed


  1. Declaration of solvency


“That the association will be able to pay its debts in full within 12 months of commencement of the proposed members' voluntary winding-up.”


“That each of the acting President and Treasurer sign the Form 520 declaration of solvency and statement of assets and liabilities attached to it.”


  1. Voluntary winding up of the association

"That resolutions be put to member to consider and if thought fit, pass the following:

Special resolutions

  1. "That the association be wound up voluntarily by way of a members’ voluntary winding up and that John McInerney of Grant Thornton Australia Limited be appointed Liquidator of the association pursuant to the provisions of sections 62 and 64 of the Associations Incorporations Act 2009."

  2. “That so far as is necessary for the beneficial winding up of the association the Liquidator is authorised to compromise any debt to the association greater than the prescribed amount and to enter any agreement on the association’s behalf involving a term or obligations extending for more than three months.”









Ordinary resolutions

  1. “That the future remuneration of the Liquidator for the period from appointment to finalisation of the Liquidation, is determined at a sum equal to the cost of time spent by the Liquidator and their partners and staff, calculated at the hourly rates as detailed in the Engagement Letter and Remuneration Approval Report provided to members, up to the amount of $60,000.00, exclusive of GST, and that the Liquidator can draw the remuneration from available funds as time is incurred on a monthly basis”.

  2. “That the members direct the Liquidator to apply to the Secretary of the Department of Fair Trading when appropriate or upon finalisation of the liquidation for consent to destroy books within the retention period in accordance with IPS 70-35.”

"That the secretary includes the Remuneration Approval Report with the members’ resolution.”

The 2020 AGM will be held at 11am on Sunday the 15th of November at the Robertson Bowling Club.

(Subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

As per the Articles of Association only financial members are eligible to vote at the AGM and notice of any ordinary motions must be received not less than 14 days prior to the AGM.

I urge all community members to become involved in the process leading up to the AGM.

Ian Hunt, Secretary, RADSPA

In order to be able to participate at the AGM people must be Financial Members of the Association.

Membership forms are on the website.

The list of current financial members is on the "Members" page.

Motions to be tabled at the AGM need to be submitted to the Secretary for inclusion on the AGM Agenda not less than 7 days before the AGM.

Under the Constitution the Committee is made up of:

President - currently vacant

Vice President - currently vacant

Secretary - to be vacated at the AGM

Treasurer - to be vacated at the AGM

Public Officer - to be vacated at the AGM

2 Ordinary Committee Members - to be vacated at the AGM


Given that the full current membership (pre-September2020) will be resigning at the AGM, there will be 2 responses available for the AGM agenda.

If INSUFFICIENT nominations for the vacated positions are received, under the Associations Act, the Secretary will need to organise winding up of the Association.

If SUFFICIENT nominations are received, the new committee will take over stewardship of the Association.

In both cases there will be an address from the Chair as first item on the Agenda. This will be delivered by the Secretary and will confirm the Cash at Hand, status of the claim negotiations and reasoning behind the recommendations of the outgoing Committee. 


The Agenda for the AGM will be set in the lead up to the AGM according to the response of the community to these scenarios. The Agenda will be posted to this site 7 days before the meeting.  




The AGM Preamble has been sent to all people on the RADSPA list of contacts and a link placed on the Robertson E News for the community.


Today an AGM Preamble has been sent to all Financial members.

It contains information relevant to the decision making necessary at the AGM.

Also it contains motions to be tabled at the AGM. 


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